State-of-the art equipment and dedication to our customers is what makes Advanced Security the security company you can count on. With over 30 years of experience, your safety is our priority and our service is second to none!

Take this opportunity to protect your property, your family, and those belongings you can’t replace with a security system. Ask about our $50 rebate for anyone you refer to us; whether they are in need of a new security system or just want to save money on their existing one.

Our Mission
Let’s face it, there is no shortage of security companies out there. So what sets us apart? We here at Advanced Security are just that, advanced. Advanced, not only in the products that we offer, but our way of thinking. From the latest in touchscreen technology to recessed in-wall Ipod docks, we transform the home into home automation. Imagine that; products that serve a purpose while adding value to your greatest investment. Our service is local and our products carry a lifetime warranty. Simply put: Our mission is to provide peace of mind.

Security for Homes and Businesses
Here at Advanced Security, we are not in the habit of installing “standard” equipment. All of our packages include the latest in touchscreen technology which makes using your system easy and interactive. With integrated voice commands and user friendly icons operating our systems is a relief from those of yesteryear. Not only are our security systems functional, they’re sleek.

Personal Attention
Advanced Security’s licensed professionals guarantee personalized, one-on-one service to every home or business. Each system is custom designed, and our customer service doesn't end upon installation, we offer premier support for every system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Skilled Professionals
Advanced Security is committed to providing exceptional service to every family or business. As soon as your alarm is triggered, we receive specific information about the event wasting no time in providing the needed details to authorities in any emergency. 24/7 Alarm Monitoring Whether you're at home or at work, you have peace of mind knowing that you're protected by the best technology in the industry.

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It's a fact... alarm systems really work!

The numbers don't lie. Time and time again, statistics show that homes with security systems are safer than those without them. Our alarm systems can safeguard your family immediately - from not only burglary, but many other threats, including fire, carbon monoxide and medical emergencies.


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